BEST Capital routinely customizes its credit terms and loan structure to accommodate the individual needs of each individual portfolio company. These customized solutions generally fall within one of the following categories:


Specific to achieving certain internal investment and growth projects, with collateral and covenants geared towards milestones and completion points for the project. Coupon payments and amortization schedule follow the operational execution of the project.


Loans for general expenditure and working capital, often referred to as “run way extensions”. Frequently they tie a company over to the next financing round or a final exit point such as an IPO or Buy Out. The loan terms and collateral structure are mostly driven by the broader financial requirements and asset structure of the borrower.


Generally shorter term in nature and geared towards a specific , confirmed CF event in the near future. Events are highly company specific and could include for example pre-agreed royalty payments or R&D grants.

In addition to pure credit facilities we also frequently involve hybrid credit and equity structures to best address the needs of individual portfolio companies.